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Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 - An upgraded basement garden lab

Well, I just couldn't stand to look at this mess any longer. This pic is from March, 2008. But it never got any more tidy, let me assure you! What you see are 2 closet doors on top of 3 sawhorses. The neighbors were remodeling their bedroom and these perfectly good doors were tossed into the dumpster. Oh my heart! I swiped them immediately and made them into shelves for starting plants.

As you can see in the above picture, there is a lot of lumber (cedar) stacked underneath the stairs. (When I bought the house there was a pub in the basement but I decided I'd rather start plants so dismantled it.) Since then I've been using the cedar here and there, but today I coveted that space so I did a little re-arranging.

Nice thing about having sawhorses under the closet doors, it easy to stash stuff! Like the cedar planks. Ship shape!

I had removed a door from my kitchen pantry. It is only 23" wide and easily fits under the stairs. I had an old corner table and an iron table pedestal just laying around (don't ask) so pressed them into service. With an additional piece of 2x4 on top of the pedestal, the pantry door laid nice and level. (I just love 'making do' with odds 'n' ends!)

I thought I was done, but after a nice cup of tea and a little think, I got another idea. On the other side of the room there is a set of metal shelves. I thought I could do better. (Now I was in full 'real estate' mode so cast about for a way to give me even more work area.)

I had a piece of 1/2" plywood - 2' by 4' that I'd used as a coffee table out on the deck for a couple of years. This past year I replaced it. There it was, just leaning against the wall, not doing anything. Whoa-ho! It was a little long (by about 10") so I grabbed my saw and had at it. Presto! More play area.

Was I done? Was I? Huh? Huh? Yeah...well...maybe not. Here's a wall with nothing on it. What a shame....

Remember that pantry door? Inside it had had a spice rack. Couldn't just it to let it go to waste. Before you know it.... a rack for pots and stuff.

And here we are, a look at the new and improved basement garden lab. With the 2 new work areas and a pot rack, I won't have to keep moving the plants around to make room to work when I try to plant new seeds or transplant seedlings or refill the germinators.

And there is plenty of room beneath the shelves to store potting mix, starting mix, water cans, etc.

Tada! All set for the 2009 season. Let the garden games begin.... ;-)

Dateline: 2 days later -
I just couldn't leave it at bugged me and bugged me that I had left that pile of lumber right in the middle of the room and around the sawhorses. So down I went again today and re-arranged the whole she-bang so I could stack the cedar somewhere else in the basement. Then I moved in an old sewing machine cabinet to use as a desk so I can log what's growing in which germinator, etc. Way better use of space.

Now I'm done. Really. Honest. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;-)

Update: March 14, 2009
Finally got around to really really needing those saw horses for another project, so replaced them with some 'legs'. Removing the sawhorses also opened up a lot of room underneath and now it easy to keep all my different potting mixes, starter mixes and vermiculite/perlite in bins tucked under the shelves.

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