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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 - warming to the subject

Over on the garden projects page, you saw I'd built a warming unit for bottom heat. Well, it's fired up and doing a good job - a real keeper! And while I'm exercising virtuous self-control, I'm having trouble keeping myself from starting my tender vegetable/flower seeds too early. Yet I can't just let it sit there with its siren song and sparkling lights!

So I've allowed myself to sprout some lettuces. It will satisfy my need to watch something green and growing this time of year and, when they get too big for those little pots, hey -- salad! ;-)

There are some other seeds that can be sown now: onions. I've got Red Mars in the large plastic container and some White Bunching in the ice cream carton. (Hey, in my defense I know from experience that onions need a deep container so they can stretch out those long roots! I had to empty that carton! ) Notice the film of mist on the covers? Warmth! I've another large plastic container ready for when my Candy onion seeds arrive. I learned last year that when I grew my own onions from seed and then transplanted them into the garden that they did better than the onion plants I'd purchased through mail order. My plants never had that spell in the mail, their roots never dried out, so they grew better than the mail-order plants.

But there is still all that warmth, what else can I play with? Hey! Rooting. I mean, everybody seems to be doing it, all the cool gardeners. Why not me? They say you can teach (well, try anyway) an old dog a new trick. So I've been hanging out in the propagation forum on GardenWeb and picking up tips. Here are first rooting projects: fuchsia and holly. Oh, and under the plastic film with the lettuce are also some coleus.

OK, the tray is filling up. ( I keep foam sheets over the section of tray that is not used right now. It helps keep the heat from escaping, directing it under the 'open' sections that have pots and containers.) But ... now what? Hmmm. A thoughtful look outside. I see some more interesting (and some kinda pricey) shrubs and trees in my yard to experiment with. And juuuust over there -- there's some nice stuff in the neighbor's yard ...... *whoohaha*.)

2/16/09 update:

I accidentally dropped my container of fuchsia cuttings when re-arranging on the bottom warmer. Drat!! What a mess. But look! ROOTS! (And I'd only potted them 16 days ago.) It does work! Now I'm hooked. :-)

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  1. LOL. Don't worry if you have some failures. My first attempts ended in disaster. Come spring and early summer, give softwood cuttings a try. You'll love it.

  2. You have lots of things growing. I've never tried rooting before. I do have some lettuce sprouting in my kitchen. I couldn't believe how fast it started. Great use of the plastic container. Why don't I ever remember to save those?

  3. You're obviously really excited about this - it's great! I shall just have to watch your green stuff for a while before I can get to my own. How lovely to have salads starting already.


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