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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Basement plant progress Feb 28 2009

There has been a surprising amount of progress since Jan 30th.

I've gotten several things out of dormancy - notably the fuchsia and the shamrocks. Those are peppers sprouting in back in the germinator. Onion "Candy" sprouts in the ice cream container (right) and onion "Red Mars" in the plastic container (left).

The rope-light bottom heating tray is doing a fine job. The gentle heat is helping make a very cool basement a better environment for things like dormant geraniums and the recently sprouted hot lemon pepper plants. There is a big container of more Candy onions, and stem cuttings of holly, fuchsia, potentilla and wigelia in the little baggie tents to root. Fuchsia has roots after 16 days!

Early lettuce under lights. I enjoy the wonderful crisp green color this time of year!

The heating tray made rooting some coleus super easy.

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