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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First winter sowing

It got well into the 50s today (2/11) so just couldn't stay inside. But not much to do outside so decided it was time to try another new (to me) propagation technique: winter sowing. You put seeds in containers outside over the cold dark time of winter and the seeds are supposed to germinate in Spring (or sooner). Well okay, I'm game so started reading up all about it in the GardenWeb Winter sowing forum. Next thing you know I'm rooting through my recyclables and turned up 6 1/2-gallon milk jugs. Cut them in half, punched drainage holes in the bottom and filled them with about 4-5" of potting mix.

Then I added seeds, taped the jugs closed, and marked the flower type on the jug.

Milk jugs? Hey, I've got a couple of milk crates. Seemed a good match. First 3 in.

Pretty soon, the rest showed up.

As I get more jugs, I'll start more seeds. Meanwhile temps are forecasted to only get into the 30s tomorrow with high winds, thunderstorms, etc. etc. In fact - really wicked weather. Hmmm...I think these kids are going to spend a couple days in the garage until Mom Nature settles down. (Follow up next morning - howling winds all night that will continue today. Temps dropped from 60s to 30s. O, where art thou, Spring?)

I'll keep you posted on the seed progress. When the weather calms down, I'll make a trip to the recyle center -- to make a withdrawal! ;-)

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