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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GUL - rearranging

Did some serious rearranging this morning - it was getting crowded and unorganized. Under the rightmost light aray is the heat tray - I'm now using it only for cuttings (under plastic or baggy tents) and seeds germination. What we have here now is cuttings of fuchsia (in potting mix) and fuchsia still in 50:50 vermiculite/perlite mix (roots still tiny). Also is wine and roses wigelia, mellow yellow spirea, pink potentilla, jingle bell poinsetta, an unknown holly, and some geranium cuttings. I'm also hoping some seeds will sprout: canary bell peppers and true lavender. I'm also warming up some of last year's shamrocks.

In the center light aray is the germinator. (To allow taller seedlings to stay a while, I've 'jacked up' the lid so that 2-3" seedlings have lots of headroom. Right now in there are Yvonne's salvia, big dipper bell pepper, and an oversowing of some tomatoes. In the back are geraniums I've taken out of dormancy and some tri-colored coleus I successfully rooted on the heat tray. In front of them are some geraniums and true lavender that I started from seeds. In the tall square cells, I've got a lot of privet given to me by a WS friend. I'm dreaming of a nice privet hedge.

Under the leftmost light array are 69 16oz drink cups filled with 8 kinds of tomatoes and 3 kinds of hot peppers.

It seems I'm either further along than I was this time last year, or I'm just more organized since I 'cleaned up' the secret plant lab and expanded my work area. It sure is easier to work down there, that's for sure. And since it's a nicer place to hang out in - I'm more likely to spend extra time with the starts vs hanging out on the deck (where early spring sunshines beckons). Stay tuned for updates!

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