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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mid-march progress

Here it is, March 14th and things are really ramping up down in the secret basement plant lab!! 4 of the 6 lights have been put to use and it won't be long before the other 2 will be needed.

Here you see yummy lettuce! Those are "Candy" onion sprouts in the foreground and under the light (near the middle back) are "White Bunching" onion sprouts. The coleus was from a cutting a friend gave to my last November which I rooted and have made 6 plants out of. In the germinator there are 9 kinds of tomatoes, some salvia and some "Big Dipper" bell peppers.

Over on the warming tray, there are many little tents of hardwood cuttings: "Mellow Yellow" spirea, "Wine and Roses" wigelia, a pink potentilla, an unknown variety of viburnum. Also you can see how I've started up my dormant geranium plants. The tray warmth and bright lights really get them going! Under the big dome are some barely-germinated (recently sown) "Red Mars" onion plants. There are also 3 kinds of pepper plants there, "Hot Lemon", "Volcano", and "Anaheim".

Soon it will be time to pot my canna rhizomes to sprout, as well as my dahlias and elephant ears. Starting those guys in the basement gives me a big jump on outdoor greenery.

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  1. A real cottage industry! I wonder if your 'Red Mars' onions are the same as our 'Red Baron'? It must be very satisfying to have salad greens to pick in the winter.

  2. Lindab - I never think to actually grow lettuce DURING winter for use, just start them inside in early spring for planting outside. Don't know why - guess, like my gardens, I need a dormant time between gardening seasons....:-D


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