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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My cups runeth over

On St. Paddy's day, I decided that most the tomatoes and peppers in the germinator were large enough to be potted up and moved off the heat and under the lights. Was at Lowe's and found 2 damaged cartons of mini-blinds, so the girl marked them each down to a buck! What a deal. Now I have plenty of markers for the tons of plants I'm growing this year.

I put everything in 16 oz cups (with drainage hole). There are 69 under the lights (one light removed for pic). I found it really easy to make the drainage holes using a 3/8" bit and drilling through a stack of 8-9 cups at once. The tomatoes are planted shallowly at this point so I can add potting mix as they grow. That will stimulate them to make more roots along the stem. Right now I have 8 kinds of tomatoes and 3 kinds of peppers in the cups.

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  1. You'll be over your ears in work to plant all those seedlings, Kris. But it'll be fun, I bet.

  2. I forget that this page exists. I don't have it listed on my blog so I never see it when it updates.

    Looking good though. Real good.


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