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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seeking closure!

I was having trouble with opening, then being able to close the WS jugs. When they first went outside, they had duct tape on them. Well, that sure didn't work. Once you remove the duct tape even once, it never sticks again so I could never close the jugs due to weather conditions. I had read on the WS forum that someone used twist ties to close jugs. I don't care for twist ties because the paper on them usually goes soggy and then I have to deal with fine wire. My solution? PIPE CLEANERS!

To make ties to close the jugs, I cut a pipe cleaner in half, then folded the half in half, then twisted the 2 'tails' together leaving a finger-sized loop at the fold.

Then I used a one-hole punch to, well, punch a hole in both the top and bottom of the jug.

I threaded the pipe cleaner from the outside in, the open loop prevents the cleaner from going all the way through. Then I slightly bent the twisted tail and easily guided it through the hole in the bottom half of the jug.

Since the pipe cleaner closer is double and twisted together, it is nice and stiff. To close the jug I just bent the protruding tail - didn't even have to 'twist' it like a tie to the loop sticking out of the upper half of the jug. Yet really secure and easy to manipulate. I had mostly black pipe cleaners. Now all my white jugs with black ties look very formal and ready to dance! :-D

Worked fine on other kinds of jugs too.

Even the clamshells are all dressed up for fun.

Now I can cover or uncover my WS jugs easily, never lose the ties, and will be able to reuse them (until I lose them). ;-D

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  1. Love this use for pipe cleaners - like benign furry caterpillars.

  2. Lindab - gosh, never thought of them as helpy caterpillars. I'll never be able to think of them otherwise now! Thanks for the chuckle. :-D


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