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Thursday, April 23, 2009


At long last SPRING has arrived (really, not just that lying calendar thingy back in March!). Over the past week I've assembled the 'big' hoop from last year. And, as you may have read in the 'garden projects' pages, I've built 2 new smaller hoop houses that fit onto a couple of temporary tables. These tabletop hoop houses are designed to save my back. :-D (It's a b*tch gettin' old...!)

Anyway, today I brought up everything from the basement except for the tomatoes and peppers. It is still too chilly with a cold wind today. Maybe tomorrow as it should be warmer and remain mild for at least a week. Anyway, this is what is in the tabletop setup. You see here a combination of WS annual pans and trays (5 kinds of zinnias, Munstead lavender, mixed lettuce) along with GUL-sprouted True lavenders, Yvonne's salvia, some zonal geraniums. Off to the right side there is a pot of WS'd mustard greens and in front of that my WS'd delphinium sprouts in the half-gallon milk jug.

Over the weekend I'll fill up the rest of this hoopster with more WS'd annual trays. The tomatoes and peppers will go into the 'big' hoophouse on the ground (oh my aching back!). I'll also bring out the pots full of canna rhizomes and the elephant ear bulbs. Then I can finally clean up the basement and turn off the lights. Woo and hoo!

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  1. Find your blog from the tomato garden forum. I like the tomato that flowered, great stuff. Keep up the blog I am following.


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