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Friday, May 1, 2009

Going topless!

My JUGs, that is. (Hmmm, does that clarification really make things sound less slutty?) LOL. This pic was taken 4/24, the first day of a 4-day heat spell a lot of us in the NorthEast and the Great Lakes area had to endure.

It was too hot to enjoy that weather. Too dry. And way WAY WAY too windy for 3-4 days: 20-30 mph with higher gusts. Everything has to be staked, clamped, weighted, roped, screwed or sat on to keep from blowing away. It was too windy to do anything except maybe fly a kite. But no - still too windy. Heck, I could have flown a cinder block - and even then it would still have needed a tail!

Did I mention the VERY VERY VERY low humidity? (Like 20-23%!) With the dry wind there was a lot of watering, misting, shading, well, you get the picture. Plant out those perennial sprouts from the WS jugs? You GOTTA be kidding. My babies are staying right in their playpens until Mom Nature stops pitching a fit!

Sure, it's cooler now - 50s and 60s during the day. BUT - there is rain scheduled for the next 7 days. Nope -- it'll be jug-city around here for the next couple weeks.

Meanwhile, for some real info - counting all the jugs in the photo (keeping in mind that the clamshells each have 6 chambers) and that some of the lasagna pans and some other pots are not in the pic - I maxed out at 70 containers for the WS Forum count. AND, best of all, 85% of the containers have at least 1 sprout, though most have beaucoup! Not bad for a first timer. :-D

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