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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toppers in the sun!

On May 15th (12 days since they were cut and put to re-root) I brought the babies out from the basement and am getting them acclimated to the UV again. I still consider them less hardy than the others that have been in the hoophouse all along, so am bringing them into the unheated breezeway at night. Last night it got down to 39. Tonight they are forecasting for 38 (which will be around 29-30 at my place, so am expecting a last freeze) tonight, and then more frost warnings for Monday night.

But after that.... It should be SPRING for sure! I can introduce plants to Mother Earth! :-D

These guys will probably get planted out around the end of the month. Ya can't talk me out of it. I've lived here too long to not know that their could still be a few curves in the weather. ;-D

I'll post again on day 20 of the experiment, and then again when I start sliding them out of their cups for planting out. We'll take a peek at how they are rooting...

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