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Friday, May 1, 2009


Going to date myself here with the Triffid comparison, but WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE? I tried something different when starting the toms and peps under lights in the basement this year. I always have not such good luck, so start early and plant a lot to compensate. This year's experiments resulted in these SCIFI spectaculars! FAR to big this early. At this size they should have been planted out 2 weeks ago. Alas, it is still 4 weeks until they can safely be planted here in NE Ohio. Even the peppers are beginning to flower. *sob* I'm not equipped to deal with success.

Now the toms and peps pic'd below are much more normal for May 1st. In 4 weeks they will be a nice size to plant out. Why are they so different from the monsters above? These are the 2nd planting. I always put a certain number of cells in the germinator and should they NOT sprout within 3 weeks, I would plant more seeds. I did that. They sprouted. And even then, with their setback (late start), they are exceeding expectations.

So I'm taking the vow: in 2010 no tomato seed will get anywhere near potting mix until the 2nd week of April! Honest!

Meanwhile, some other stuff is doing well and in sync with the season: lettuces, mustard greens, white bunching onions and yellow onions. When the yellow & white bunching get a bit bigger, I'll plant them out into the vegetable garden. Meanwhile, my first planting of lettuce is giving me daily sandwich and salad greens. I just planted a 2nd lettuce bin with a jug of WS sprouted seeds and they are loving these rainy days.

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