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Sunday, May 10, 2009

WS - a container update

Thought I'd post about the "seed satchels" that I made out of the 2.5 gallon water containers for winter sowing. Bottom line, they worked out well. By making 6 partitions out of each container, I was able to 'group' those seeds that might germinate within the same time frame.

And while in some case I totally got it wrong, the plants didn't seem to mind that their neighbors were either early risers and late sleepers. As you can see some sprouts are still minuscule and don't even have true leaves at this point (May 10). Other, like the shasta daisies and feverfew (the earliest of all) are doing really well.

I have some faves that I count as true successes. The Tennessee purple coneflower (rare) was a WS forum gift and I have 2 cells filled with sprouts. And then there are the hyssops - lavender and apricot sprite. Also I'm excited by the number of milkweed seeds that have germinated. This container holds only milkweeds. The empty partition is the only no-show, a variety called 'Redring'.

There are still other gallon and half-gallon jugs filled with perennial sprouts and am happy to report that I shall not have to go another year without beaucoup Joe Pye Weed, a favorite of mine because I have LOTS of sprouts.

Some failures to lament (no shows to date): beauty berry (white & purple), penstemon, larkspur, columbine and sky blue asters. I still have some annuals to sow, but I'm really overwhelmed at this point and may have to just hold my horses and save some of the fun for NEXT year!

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  1. If need be I can always share some columbines with you. We aren't that far apart. Your containers worked great, and the sprouts look very happy. Hoorah winter sowing.
    Now if we can just get past this frost tonight.

  2. Don't worry about the beauty berry. Mine just started sprouting this week. I had discounted it as well.

  3. Flood - Yikes! ICE on the birdbath! My driveway looks like a blanket factory. I really really REALLY tired of this winter.

    Tom - hey, thanks. I was considering just dumping the jugs, but will try a little longer. :-D


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