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Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 - first GUL seeds

Was just in the basement looking for something and wandered over to the plant lab. Gee. Lookit all those seeds. Seeds for wintersowing. Seeds for growing under lights. Seeds for direct sowing. Really too early for GUL's. Not really ready to dive into WS'ing. Yet there I was, staring at the seeds. Forget it, I thought. I'm busy right now.

A little voice. "You know you want to."

OK. OK. It wouldn't take but a moment to toss some spring mix into a pot. I dug out 2 lettuce blends (Burpee's Looseleaf and Gourmet) and sprinkled them into 2 pots each (can't have too much lettuce). What else did I find? Bunching onions. Oh well, never too early to start some of those. So 2 more pots. Yet I didn't want to fire up the warming tray just for 6 pots. Now what?

Waaaait a minute.

The new furnace has a shelf for some reason and it's always warm. In fact I keep a jug of water on it so that when I water the semi-dormant geraniums in the crawl space that it's not so cold as to shock the plants. I just moved the jug off to the side and slipped the 6 seeded pots in place. A little plastic tenting and voila! A couple of little greenhouses to get the seeds germinated. When the seeds sprout I'll move the pots under one of the 4' fluorescent lights. It's a plan.

Well allrighty then. Let the games begin! :-D

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