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Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Plant lab - ready to go

I've hauled down 3 cuft of potting mix down to the secret basement plant lab. The lights all work. The bins are filled with starting mix, perlite, even some peat moss. I've bought a new bottle of rooting hormone and checked my stash of 16 oz party cups (my new fave for starting plants).

I even spent 3-4 days of 'household project' time cleaning up both sides of the basement as well as organizing the crawl space, sorting out my bulbs, corms, tubers and dormant plants. Since I was in 'fixit' mode I added some storage shelves under the plant tables. Lots of room now for bins, etc.

I've been diligent in my pursuits of creative collecting of plastic jugs for my upcoming wintersowing effort!

And I now have enough used mini-blinds that I could have enough shade to block radiation from a small super-nova. I'll never be short for plant markers in the near future!

It won't be long now but that the itch to plant seeds in pots will knock me out of my current fixation on household projects, dragging me downstairs into the basement and get me up to my elbows in potting mix.


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