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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At long last - some WinterSowing

As I posted on the main page, I finally got some perennial seeds into jugs. Last year I was all over this in early February. But this year the winter was cold and snowy what with snowpack all through the beginning of the year. It wasn't until just 10 days ago that our 12-14" of began melting away followed by warm days and mild nights.

Honestly, I was just too busy digging my way out every couple of days to get excited about seeds in jugs. Also I have to keep my deck shoveled off else ice and melt water finds its way into the well room beneath it. I really couldn't put jugs out there any earlier than now.

Sooo - some jugs are out there, but can you really call it winter sowing in this nice weather? Oh well, it's the final result that counts.

Anyway, here's a what's in the jugs. Each of the clamshells have 6 sections, so there are 38 'containers' here on the table.

Last year I saw that the hyssops and bee balms got the most traffic (for perennials) so I've sown them with a heavy hand this year - and in multiple sections.

Golden Jubilee
Apache Sunset
Apricot Sprite

Bee balms/monarda:
Pink Petite

Perennial salvia (Blue Bedder)
Purple liatris
Baptisia (False indigo)
Linum (blue flax)
Lavender (English/true)
Pink yarrow
Delphiniums (Sky Blue & Frosty Skies)
Lobelia (Blue)
Russian Sage
"Queen of the Prairie"
Echinacea (Common purple)
Butterfly bush (mixed colors)

And for fun - 1 jug each of hosta: Blue Elegans & an unknown variety with wavy yellow leaves.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, a surprise awaited me this morning. The lettuce seeds I sowed on the 13th have started to germinate on the heat tray. How cool is that for quick gratification!

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