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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 - WS update

I'm looking at my WS jugs and shells. My my my. Many of them are so full it looks like I'm growing Irish moss....

Above is Shell A: 2 cells of Hyssop (Golden Jubilee - lovely chartreuse color already), 2 cells Hyssop (Apache Sunset) sparsely sprouted, Hyssop (Apricot Sprite) & Hyssop (Lavender)

Above is Shell B: Here we have monarda punctata, monarda citriodora, pink bee balm (no sprouts), perennial salvia (Blue Bedder), and Yvonne's salvia (good sproutage this year!).

Above is shell C: this one contains liatris (purple - only a couple of sprouts), Queen of the Prairie (nada), false indigo, blue flax and 2 cells of True lavender (also nada).

Here is shell D: also a sparsely sprouted shell. The 2 well-sprouted cells are some seeds I saved from delphinium (Frosty Skies). Next to it are eensy sprouts of my saved blue lobelia (!!). The unsprouted top 3 cells are 2 cells of Sky Blue delphinium and 1 cell of pink yarrow.

The final shell: the unsprouted cell is another try at Queen of the Prairie. There are 2 cells each of my saved Russian sage and 2 cells of my saved purple coneflower (unknown variety). The cell to the left that looks like moss are hundreds of mixed color butterfly bushes. Good grief!

Not pictured are the 6 gallon milk jugs. The hosta sprouts still require great magnification in jugs 1 & 2. The pink & white asters in jug 3 have never sprouted. Jug 4 have sproutage of New England Pink asters. Jug 5 is overrun with hollyhocks. And Jug 6 have sprouts of Hydecote lavender.

Obviously the first container of WS sprouts that got too big for its britches this year are the hollyhocks.

So I potted them up to party cups - 2 plants to a cup. 13 cups in all.

These seeds were saved from the bottom half of the giant red hollyhock I posted about last year. I'm hoping by saving the seeds like I did I was getting mostly red seeds. Higher up on the stalk those blooms had been pollinated while the other 2 hollyhocks (white and peach) were blooming and probably got cross-pollinated.

No matter the outcome, I'm looking forward to some healthy plants.

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