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Sunday, April 25, 2010


(click on pic, then magnify for better view)

This wild mild weather sure has things ahead of schedule. Today, though cloudy, it's almost 60 this morning. Most every day I bring something onto the deck to join the WS jugs and shells.

Today everything from the basement (except the tomatoes and a tray of marigold seeds) are up and outside.

Here we have:
6 WS clamshells
6 WS jugs
7 containers of onions starts (expecting the worst, I overplanted. WOW)
2 pots of (my rooted) red fucshia
6 zonal geraniums (that spent the winter in a south window)
2 pots of dahlias (hot pink)
pepper starts (hot lemon, volcano, big dipper)
2 pots Brussels sprouts sprouts
4 pots of mustard greens (Florida broadleaf)

And this year - herbs a-plenty:
purple basil
green (Mammoth) basil
sweet marjoram
fernleaf dill
Italian parsley
sweet sage
2 rosemary plants
1 pot of Greek oregano

Just off the deck out of the shot are
1 large pot of chives
2 bins of mixed lettuces
2 bins of pea greens (just sprouting! I don't have much luck with peas, so this year I'm planting densely in bins and will be harvesting just the greens for salads, stir fry, sandwiches, etc. YUM)

And for a bonus:
13 Japanese maple seedlings. I gifted my Mom's neighbor with a butterfly bush. She then invited me to take some seedlings from under her tree. What a treat! Hopefully some of these will root and thrive.

Hope your starts are doing well too!

After 2:00 p.m.

Eeeeeek. A massive line of thunderstorms approaching. Running helter skelter I brought my babies inside. Notice I now have to open up BOTH leaves of the table to accommodate my stash?

And just in time....thunder and lightning all around now. Hunker down, everyone!

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