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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First hoopster for 2010

The weather has been so mild this year that on nice days I put the veg & herb starts outside on the deck. But not today. Brrrr. It's only 43F and there's a stiff (15-20 mph) North wind blowing outside. I'm not subjecting my babies to that! So I decided it was time to assemble one of the tabletop hoop houses so the plants could enjoy the sun without all that cold and wind.

Outside it's just uncomfortable, even for me. But inside the hoopster it's nice and bright and warm.

In the very back you'll see that I decided to bring the 'maters up from the basement too. I don't care how many grow lights I might have down there, you just can't beat a good dose of real sunshine.

All that's left downstairs are 4 trays of annual flowers I'm starting on the heat tray. Seems with this unusually warm weather this Spring the secret basement plant lab can't hold on to anything for long. Too bad, so sad -- not! LOL

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  1. "Uncomfortable" is right! I don't know how I thought my tender growies could tough it out when, after going out with the dog, I ran back inside to get a heavy hooded sweater jacket to wear out in the back yard. Brrrr! I realize it shouldn't be too shocking - this is really closer to normal for this time of year in OH, but we were misled by all the nicer weather we had!

  2. I should check into something like that. I have my tomatoes, peppers, basils and such in my garden window with a single bulb florescent lamp. I got the tomatoes and basil from a club at the school I work at, and they were already leggy. I keep forgetting to water them, so they are not happy at all.

    I didn't start anything inside this year, because of our kitchen remodel. I haven't tried winter sowing yet, except for in the fall, putting seedheads where I hope they will grow.


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