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Saturday, April 10, 2010

GUL updates

Boy oh boy, seeds are sprouting left and right. (Or better put, up (on deck) and down (basement).

Down in the basement the herbs I planted on 4/1 are doing really well. Already the Mammoth Basil, Sweet Marjoram and Tarragon have sprouted. So too have the Florida Broadleaf Mustard. (And there are single sprouts in both the Fernleaf dill and Teton Spinach. Still no sign of this 2nd planting of the ever-reluctant rosemary.

As for the first batch of herbs from a few weeks ago, they got big in their cells, were brought up to the deck and just a couple of days ago got potted up. *sob* My babies are getting big! At the same time the peppers were big enough to get potted up too. Lookit 'em go!

Here's the action in the 2nd germinator filled with tomatoes.

Making a (mostly sparse) appearance are
Jet sonic (6 sprouts)
Early Goliath (1 sprout)
Brandywine (plenty!)
Bradely (1 sprout)
Early Kus
Orange Russian
Italian Beefsteak
Early Ssubakus
Supersonics (lots)
Old Brooks (1 sprout)
Estler's Mortgage Lifters (2 sprouts)
Rose Quartz (1 sprout)

Only ONE rose quartz? EEEEK. I want more. MORE. I oversowed the cells, hoping for the best.

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1 comment:

  1. I SERIOUSLY need to get my peppers, eggplants and especially tomatoes potted up!!! They're all still in their little Jiffy 7s, and the tomatoes are greatly outgrowing them. Heck, I haven't even thinned down to just one plant yet.... Bad gardener!

    I tried seeding rosemary for the first time this year, and it hasn't shown any signs of sprouting either. I'm guessing it's a real slow germinator? Now that you can get beautiful, big healthy plant for $3.50 at Lowes, I think I'm gonna skip trying my own from seed.

    After that heatwave things cooled off again, but then we were in the 80s again yesterday. And tomorrow? High in the 40s! Wow - big fluctuations. I just hope the heat blasts don't cause anything like lettuce, radishes, etc to bolt!


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