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Friday, April 2, 2010


I've decided that this season I'm going to do way more cooking with herbs. I want to do more than just garnish dishes. I want to grill, roast, sauce, and stuff with lots of herbs. I mean - hey! All the best TV chefs are doing it. How can I refuse? LOL

To that effect I've got some stuff going under the lights .

Yesterday in one of my little germinators I sowed marjoram, tarragon, sweet basil, fernleaf dill and some rosemary.

Previously (on Mar 13) I had sown rosemary (still hasn't sprouted), purple basil (omigosh LOTS of purple basil!), sweet sage and Italian parsley. They are doing so well that now they spend their days out on the deck since the weather is really nice now. Hopefully either the rosemary in these cells, or the 2nd sowing currently under the lights will sprout too.

I already have a nice patch of lemon thyme out in the veg bed and a huge pot of chives. I think I've got things covered. Can you think of anything else I absolutely must have? I have empty cells on hand.... ;-D

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1 comment:

  1. My first planting of parsley? Eaten up by the former mouse in the basement.

    My newer plantings of parsley? Growing SOOOO slow!

    And I definitely need to be getting basil started PRONTO!!! Sure it's gonna be cold for a short while longer, but before long it'll be perfect basil growing weather.

    I've never been all that fond of the flavor of purple basil. Do you prefer it over green?

    OH, and I need to get some cilantro started as well...I don't think you mentioned that?

    Ok, now I'm starting to panic.

    You're growing sage from seed? Does it really amount to much in it's first year?

    And you can never have enough thyme - try lime thyme as well!


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