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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tomatoes gone wild

Good grief! While I was outside mowing lawn, playing with the WS jugs and planting trees, I didn't get down to the basement as often as I should have. My goodness those sprouts got big! Most of them at least 7-8" and overcrowded to boot.

At first I was worried, but as I started to pot them up I realized this was great. Last year I'd potted the toms when they were only 4" (tip to toe) and it was difficult to get them safely into the bottom of the party cups. Then I had to keep adding soil as they grew. This year, however, it was a breeze to slip them into their cups, add soil to within a half-inch of the top, water them in and bingo-bango-bongo, all done.

I also potted up 5 cups of tarragon and 3 cups of marjoram.

As you remember, last year I started the toms March 1 and had to deal with premature and overly large plants. This year I made myself wait until April 1 to put them in the germinator. And while I don't expect to have to deal with CUTTING OFF ALL THEIR HEADS this year, one thing I am doing that I tried last year: I gave them all a little drink of root stimulator when I potted them up. The root systems on last year's topped plants were just outstanding. So I'm trying it on uncut plants to see how it goes.

In another part of the basement it seems the cannas are doing well under my benign neglect. All of the purple ones have sprouted. Nothing yet, though, on the green cannas or elephant ears.

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