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Saturday, April 10, 2010

WS updates

I should have posted these pics earlier. They are from the 3rd. The above average (actually record-breaking) heat we had for the past week and more really got the seeds sprouting in the WS containers.

Here what a couple of the clamshell contents looked like 5 days ago.

Cell #6 here (right/bottom) is really sprouted. These were seeds I saved from the Lavender Agastache (grown from gift seeds last season).

One of the gallon milk jugs got the seeds I saved from those giant hollyhocks. They, too, are sprouting nicely and will have plants to sell/share later on.

The last 2 nights have been below normal: 35 on Thursday night and 27 last night so I covered all the jugs with a blanket. Everyone looked good this morning. Now the sun is ridiculously bright although the air is cold. You never know what to expect here in Ohio. :-D

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