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Friday, May 21, 2010

Signs and portents

Thursday morning (5/20) and sunlight illuminated the deck after I, once again (and for the last time I might add) schlepped the plants from the sunroom to the outside tables.

The peppers and toms and the WS plants had been living on the deck for a week, under cover each night in their hoop houses and they all did well in the low-to-mid 40s temps. But that was then. This is now. Forecasts for the next 7-10 days show 50s-60s at night with 70s-80s days.

Welcome to the 2010 growing season! Woo and hoo !

And not a moment to soon. Look at these tomato plants at 7 weeks.

They are just begging to be planted out. Still, it did seem early date-wise. (After all, for beaucoup years tomatoes and peppers got planted out Memorial weekend. It was always safe by then. But I guess that was back in the day before climate change (much more appropriate term than global warming)). Anyhow, the soil temp in the bed was good to go. But am I?

Should I succumb to temptation? Or play it safe? What to do, what to do...

I checked previous blog posts and saw that, yep, last year I planted out the tomatoes on 5/31/09. And they all did well. Still, these things are getting big. Really. Big. *whine*

So I called Mom Nature. "Send me a sign! I can't make up my mind!" (Really, gardeners are an odd lot, aren't we?)

I dithered around for a while, pulled some weeds, transplanted some iris. Busy work. Looking for a sign. A portent. At one point I heard a helicopter approaching. (No big deal - the hospital flights come over the place regularly.) No 'sign' there, I thought, but looked up anyway. There was the helicopter but I totally ignored it. I stood stock still and gazed past the 'copter to a most astonishing sight. Something I would NEVER have seen had it been for the 'copter. It took me a moment to figure out what I was seeing.

WAY above the 'copter was a huge jumbo jet. Monster in size even at the altitude it was cruising. It was flying high, but verrrry sloooooow. Because (now the AMAZING part) it looked like it was balancing another, smaller jet plane on it's nose.

Omigosh. Here was a plane being refueled in flight. Right over Canton Oh. Really! (Plane in trouble? Military training? Will I ever know?)

I could only stand and stare and be amazed at this. And I'd totally have missed it had it not been for the 'copter and my silly idea of looking for a 'sign'. All I can say is *WOW*.

Anywaaaaay, next thing you know....

So here they are. Planted a full 11 days earlier than last year. For the 12 in this bed I chose:

2 brandywine
2 rose quartz
2 jetsonics
1 orange Russian
1 Italian beefmaster
1 Bradley
1 Bob Estler's mortgage lifter
1 black prince
1 aunt Ruby's green

I told them I expect great things from them this year, especially what with such an auspicious start. LOL Yep, a great season.

Especially for the (wait for it, wait for it), JetSonics! :-D

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  1. I am going to be about 10 days late getting my plants in because of all the rain and the cold nights. My tomato plants are beginning to vine! Not easy planting but I will get them in starting Monday. We have a window of about three days of no rain!

    Good luck with yours. Last year was such a flop with tomatoes here that I am counting on this year.

  2. Glenda. Glad you're going to get to plant out soon. Yes, the blight devastated a lot of good plants. Hopefully everyone took precautions so that the spores froze over winter and died. I'm really looking forward to this season. I'm actually trying to see if I can make myself grow only 12 plants. I've been giving away my extras and keeping some back for my Mom. But there will be more still on the deck. Oh decisions, decisions. How many plants does one girl really need??? :-/


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D