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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet smell of success

Because of the bi-polar weather this year, I've had the opportunity to get the plant starts outside on the deck waaaaay earlier than usual. Flip side is, when it gets cold, it gets cold! Too cold to risk leaving the toms and peppers and tender herbs outside even under plastic in a hoop house. So when temps plummet I schlep them into the sunroom.

A couple of years ago I lucked into a tag sale of old cafeteria trays. Boy, they are useful for handling plants and I don't worry about water seepage. And thank goodness I saved my old drop-leaf dining table. It's been a real boon this year (have I mentioned this before?). LOL Between that and a garage-sale card table, there's juuuust enough space for all my tender(er) babies. And I must say, the sunroom smells like spring what with all the toms & peppers and herbs. All I need now is a pasta plant. :-D

As you'll recall, I decided to start the tomato plants a whole month later than last year (April 1 instead of March 1). I was trying to avoid overly grown plants so I wouldn't have to 'top' them and re-root. But this is working out fine.

They are getting plenty big enough at this rate too. Here they are at almost 6 weeks. And it's still a couple of weeks before plant out time (maybe the 23rd?). But if the weather holds cold and rainy I'll wait until the end of the month.

The selection this year is Rose Quartz (grape), JetSonic, SuperSonic (for Mom), Brandywine (the original type), Romas, Estler's Mtg Lifter, a Bradley, an Early Goliath, an Old Brooks. Also some gifted varieties: Black Prince & Aunt Ruby's green (thanks, Jeph!). Italian beefmaster & Orange Russian (thanks, Paul!). And finally Early Kus & Ssubakus (thanks, Trudi!).

Only peppers this year are Big Dipper (sweet bell), Volcano (hot banana), Hot Lemon (small, very hot).

The Anaheim's never sprouted. :-( Ah well, the best laid plans....
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