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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2011 plants starts - first volley

Check this!

I'm jumpstarting my 2011 plant propagation with this bag bonanza of potting mix!  

While at the ReStore warehouse cruising for a new chair, I wandered out into the yard in back and ran into a pallet of 16-dry-quart bags of Miracle Gro potting mix.  And only 2 bucks a bag.  Wow what a great price!  And the real kicker?  It was a 50% off day!!!   

Soooo, yours truly scarfed up 22 bags (equal to nearly 7 of the 2-cu/ft bags) for $22 (instead of the $70+ it would have cost me at Walmart).  I'm a happy camper, uh, planter.  :-D

I'll stow these in the garage over winter.  A bonus here, since the bags are small and light they will be waaaay easier to schlep down the basement stairs come 2011 Spring.  2011?  Heck!   I've got enough for 2012 too!  Yee-ha.

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  1. Now I really want to find one of those stores here....I just bought a large bag of that and paid around $8. I usually go through two of the large bags of No.2 commercial potting mix I buy at a greenhouse type store. It has almost doubled in price that last two years.

  2. I just did a search and we do have one.....way cross town
    and then south, but worth a drive to check it out. I hope to work that in next week. I am so glad you mentioned the chairs and the soil...I didn't even know these stores existed. I live a very sheltered life!

  3. What a snag! I have NEVER been able to find anything I could use at the Restore near us. The one in Tulsa charges an arm and a leg for everything. Lucky you!

  4. Glenda - the stuff there changes all the time. I check it out on my off days.

    Ilene - Yep, it was a super find. Did you see the chairs I got (posted on Household Adventures page).

  5. Good haul. Congrats on the mix and the ice-cream containers, Kris.


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