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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WS snag

Score another snag for this wintersower.

* 5-qt ice cream pails *
I went to the recycling center yesterday to drop off cardboard, cans, glass and plastic.  I also took along -- the hook!  Woohaha.  (Don't know about "the hook"?  Then check this older post for the story.)

Anyhoo - after dropping off my stuff, I started shopping.  I was hoping to find some large kitty litter jugs.  They are terrific for hauling water out to my far-flung tree and shrub plantings.  Even without the lids, the water doesn't bounce out of those deep jugs when I drive the tractor/wagon over uneven ground.

But no luck.  I found tons of gallon milk jugs to be had, but they aren't good for hauling water.  So I looked with wintersowing in mind.  Again I passed on the milk jugs.  I'm not really crazy about wintersowing in them.  They are, ultimately, flimsy and hard to move around.  When I got to the 4th (and final) bin, I saw these pails and thought YOWZA!  These 5 quart ice cream containers should do the trick.  And they all had their lids.  (A side note - why in the world would someone toss these into the bin with lids on?  They could have saved a TON of space in the recycle bin by nesting the pails and tossing in the lids separately.  Blinking idiot.  Oh well, worked out for me - I couldn't have reached loose lids with a hook.)

Now I can WS in these containers.  Just need to drill holes in the lids and and bottoms.  (Another note - the bottom holes will not be through the bottom itself which is flat and would not drain well when resting on a flat surface.  I'm going to drill holes about 1/4" up from the bottom, through the sides of the pail so the holes won't get plugged.)

I'll just store these along with my previous potting mix score.  Looks like I've got my Spring 2011 supplies lined up.  Now for some seed tradin'.  :-D

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  1. Well, I'm having trouble leaving comments. I'll either get one in their twice or not at all.

    I just wanted to say, good idea on the ice cream tubs, and that they kind of decompose being outside in the summer but I think that might be from the sun so you should be ok.

    I like using milk jugs for WS. They're too flimsy to store home-made laundry detergent in, however. They start to leak after awhile.

  2. Hi Ilene. I also thought I might wash/bleach a couple of these and use them for food storage since they are obviously food grade plastic.

    Send me an email if you have commenting probs. Hope your difficulty was a one-time thing.

  3. Will you be using them to start seedlings? I use containers without holes but I intend to transfer the seedlings within a few weeks. The roots would not reach the bottom yet. What sort of seeds are you looking for? I have several varieties of chillies. Our weather is very different. Not sure if plants here can survive over at your place.

  4. Ah One, glad to see you over her in the propagation page. :-D I love chiles (though not the scorching hot ones). We grow them as annuals here. Tropical/tender/vegetable plants I start in 16 oz plastic cups in the basement on the warming tray under lights. (check archives for pics)

    I was considering using these pails for wintersowing perennials, but I'm finding that the pails are really quite useful around the house right now so I may gather other plastic containers for wintersowing this coming spring.

  5. Those containers do look very useful. If you are interested in any seeds, feel free to click reply to this if you are reading from your Inbox. My chillies are hot or ornamental. I have basil, coriander, sunflower, water spinach etc.

  6. Thanks for the kind offer, One. I'll be in touch! :-D


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D