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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Basement plant lab - ready to go

It's time to clean up the not-so-secret basement plant lab for the 2010-11 winter season. Woohaha.  

When I turned out the lights back last Spring, I always promised I'd clean up the place on a rainy day (or at least command Igor to do it).  But, gosh.  It was a hot dry summer.  And Igor must've lit out for the hills.  The lab languished.

So I took a day last week and tidied it up.  I brushed out all the pots, filled the pot rack (to the right), stowed away the plastic wintersow jugs, cleared off the desk, loaded up the bins with starting mix, vermiculite, perlite and potting mix, vaccumed the rug and generally made it fit for duty.

Oh yeah.  That's MUCH better.  Now you can swing a cat down there.

And none too soon.  It's time to sort my seeds. Where DID they all come from?  And where will they go?  Some are for trade.  Some are for wintersowing.  Some will be need bottom heat for germination.  And I've got to devise a better way of storing my seeds, too. 

Meanwhile, in the crawlspace, 4 bins of geraniums, a large pot of dwarf snapdragons and lots of boxes of canna rhizomes doze.

I've not tried overwintering snaps, before, so it will be fun to see how that pans out.  They bloomed so well April~November on the deck, I just didn't have the heart to compost them.

The torch is lit.  Time for the winter games!

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  1. Yesssss, Mastuh.......!

    I too, have started thinking along these lines. I gathered some ripe seed from some monkey grass that was growing along a sidewalk at an estate sale today, and planted that in some little peat pellets I'd soaked. And probably will go out and fill a pot with some soil and sow some chia seed so that the cat will have something interesting to chew on.

    Trying to hold off plans for seed swapping till after Christmas, but thinking about getting my milk jugs out and getting the holes punched in the bottom and the flaps cut in the sides.

    Once it's January, can March be far away??


  2. I envy you the basement!
    I have to traipse back and forth for pots and mix....then put under the lights on the back porch.

    I need to check seeds too an see where I stand. The only thing I start really early is onion seeds and I don't know if I am doing that this year or not.

    So far my little clump of snaps winters over outside for me. It has morphed from a dark red to a red and white bloom. Interested to see what plants will become.

  3. Igor! Where the heck have you been, you cretin! LOL

    Ilene & Glenda - After Christmas I'll get my seeds in order and then send you lists of what you can pick from. Glenda - I am having trouble finding long day onion seeds this year, especially the red Mars. I like starting onions in January so they are big enough to transplant out by April.


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D