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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remarkable rosemary

I've never grown rosemary before this past year.  I'd always heard it was touchy and temperamental.  But last February I was seduced by a nice little plant in the fresh foods section of a local supermarket.  I brought it home and kept the little thing in the kitchen window.  It did not die.

Then, in April, a visiting gardener brought me a larger rosemary plant as a gift.  I kept it inside until late May.  It did not die.

By June both plants were outside in a large pot along the driveway where they received major sun and lots of heat reflected off the blacktop.  They did not die.

In fact, they thrived. (Throve?)

By the end of summer both were large and in charge and blooming!   (And yet I cannot find ANY pic of this plant in it's glory.  Hmmm.)

Anyway, since it was still blooming in November, even after a couple of freezes (they spent those nights under a cover), I decided to see if they would overwinter (being listed as a 'tender perennial').

In mid-November I put the pot under the east-facing sunroom bay window where it will get the most winter sun.  There it will be blocked from north and west winds.  I nestled the pot into a drift of leaves, tucking more inside the pot and up around the stems.  

It was still blooming at the end of the month. 

* rosemary in bloom *
Then December temps plummeted and I've not opened the cover since.

* rosemary tucked in for winter *
In the beginning of November I'd snipped off maybe a dozen 8" stems and froze them for winter use.  I also took another 6 cuttings to keep in water for fresh use.

But I didn't use them, just kept them close to the kitchen window for decoration.  

And darn if those little darlings haven't just up and rooted!

When these cuttings fill the glass with roots, I'll pot them up.  Looks like I'll have rosemary one way or the other again next year.  

Temperamental my foot.... :-D

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  1. Glad to see this post about rosemary.

    I want to get it started here. I bought 'Arp' supposedly winter hardy in my ain't!

    Now I know how to handle it.

    Just a tip: I would pile leaves over the entire kit and kaboodle and leave until spring. That is how I winter over pots of things. I bank them next to the east side of the old chicken house and pile leaves or straw over them three feet high. Next spring, I bring them out into the sunshine, water and soon little green tips are showing.

    I keep forgetting your sidebar.

  2. Glenda - I didn't save either of the plant tags so I have no idea which varieties the rosemarys are. Looking forward to seeing how they overwinter. I'll keep ya posted.

  3. Thanks for posting about the rosemary. I have tried so many times to overwinter rosemary inside, with tragic results! I have one in my kitchen now, which did so well all summer that I didn't have the heart to leave it outside. After reading your post, I'm planning to put the pot back outside, in a sheltered corner, with some protective cover. I think it will stand a better chance of survival that way. Also, congratulations on the rooted cuttings!

  4. Hi Aynsley - let me know how your rosemary turns out. Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on mine, both inside and out. :-D


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D