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Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of January 2011 plant lab

It may be the middle of winter outside, but down in the new and improved SECRET PLANT LAB in the basement things are warming up!  

Lettuce (2 containers) and beet sprouts

Swiss chard sprouts

Sprouts from saved seeds:
Queen of the prairie; Blue globe thistle; "Pink Petite" monarda
(orange arrow indicates teeny sprouts)
Cuttings: coleus + rosemary

Things are also coming along in the crawlspace:  

In previous years these geraniums would just be dormant nearly-bareroot plants.  But 2 things happened.  First, I put all the plants into deep tray and packed the roots in potting mix.  Second - new lighting in the crawlspace.

Zonal geraniums and dwarf snapdragons
Now the kids are dormant no more and getting on an early green!  This spring I won't be putting out scraggly plants that need time to bloom. No sirree! This gang will hit the garden at a full gallop!  

(P.S. For Glenda, you can see that the crawlspace keeps at a pretty steady temp (50s) all year 'round.  Great for starting dormant warm-weather plants.  In March I'll pot up the cannas and see how they sprout in the crawlspace.)


  1. What a great area you have now with all that light.

    Will the these plants (the greens) all be planted outside or are they early salads to be grown out in the pots?

    When I did lettuce inside one year, they didn't have the good color yours do.

  2. Glenda - Traditionally I grow all my greens in bins (in super sturdy restaurant bus tubs) too keep them handy to the kitchen as well as keep the critters off. (Check the veg page label for BINs.) These greens will be bin'd. The kale I've ordered will, however, be planted in the veg bed and as border in some flower beds.

    The deep color of the sprouts you see here comes from bringing the light source down very close as well as drinks of fish emulsion for nitrogen.

  3. Lookin' good! I think my garage is going to be a good place for cool weather things. Even on the coldest day, it didn't get below freezing in there, even though there are no vents in there for the furnace. I guess it "absorbs" heat, being attached to the rest of the house. I'm wintering over some begonias and had my big rosemary in there, but one side of the rosemary "tree" looks like it's trying to die so I brought it in and am misting it.

    I'll be doing some wintersowing today.

  4. Ilene, I'll probably wait until mid/late February before I do any wintersowing. If I sow now or then, it'll make no difference as to when the perennials sprout in the containers. Right now I have keep shoveling the deck so containers would just be in the way. Hope you don't lose that rosemary!


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D