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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pinetree seeds

Happy happy joy joy.  The Pinetree seeds have arrived.

Vegs: red & colored kale, red & yellow onions, sweet success cukes, Hungarian hot wax.

Flowers: esprit mix penstemon, digitalis excelsior hybrid and crazy daisy chrysanthemum.

I ordered 3 kinds of onions: Red wing, Copra and White sweet Spanish.  The white didn't come, though.  It was backordered, although their website didn't say that when I put them into the cart.  Oh well....

Both packs were supposed to have at least 100 seeds.  I sowed them in the nice containers I get when I buy spinach or spring green mix at the market.  I punch drainage holes.  I like these containers for onions because they are quite deep (a good 6") and allow good root development.

I'm trying kale for the first time this year and ordered Redbor (maroon) and Fringed formula mix (rose, red & white).  Turns out decorative kale is just as tasty and nutritious as the solid colors.  How cool is that?

The fringed is a smaller plant so I will mostly likely use it in flower beds for fall color while the Redbor will go in the veg bed.  Although the main plantings won't be until late summer (so I'll have lots of greens though winter), I'm starting a couple of each right now for Spring greens.

Also new this year (and sprouted previously) are beets and Swiss chard (both for greens, although I understand you can prepare chard stems/ribs like you would asparagus.  Hmmm - grilled green ribs, sounds good to me!).

New vegs.   Exciting stuff!

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  1. Ahhh!! A basement with grow lights!! If I were so lucky I might never be seen again till spring! Great idea about the plastic containers. I'll have to remember that one! :o)

  2. I'd stay down there too, Tammy, but I keep having to go outside to shovel out the driveway. LOL


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