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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sorting seeds

The seed order has been placed.  I'm trying a new place this year - Pinetree Garden Seeds (based in Maine).  Glenda over at Living and Gardening in the Ozarks ordered from them this year so I thought I'd give them a try.

At the same time I've got some trades in the works (with the aforementioned Glenda and Ilene at The Rock Whisperer).  So Now I'm faced with this task.  Sorting out my seed table. 

Seed table (under new worklight)
I have to pull out those seeds that Glenda and Ilene want in trade; what I want to WinterSow out on the deck; what I want to start under lights (not for months); and what I'll start outside (but still in cells/pots) outside in May.  (I don't direct sow very often.  I have no bare dirt anywhere.  Everything here is always under mulch.  As it is, every spring I have to rake open some dirt pockets so the birds can dust bathe and the native bees can burrow.)

I saved all the dried blossom heads from both the Blue Globe Thistle and the Queen of the Prairie.  There is one seed inside each of the prickly thistle tufts.  But I'm not really sure if there are actually any seeds in the stuff from QofP.  This might be just a cup full of dried tiny flower petals.  Still, there are a few bits that don't seem to break up under a light finger pressure.  So I'll try anyway, both wintersowing and under lights.  I'd love to have more of these lovely spring-blooming clumps.

Queen of the Prairie

Blue Globe Thistle

Wonder what else I've got in those brown bags and cups? Hmmmm.

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  1. I bet there's seeds in that Queen of the Prairie stuff! Sometimes I will look things over with a magnifying glass. It's easier to distinguish the seeds that way. At any rate, I'm looking forward to trying... Hugs!

  2. Yeah, we'll both try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained... :-D


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D