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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting slow

I started the New Year with a little work play in the basement lab.

The rosemary cuttings (shown in a previous post) were rooting well in the water so finally put them into potting mix.    I also had a nice jar of large-leafed coleus that were rooting well and put them into mix too.  They are all under lights now (but not on the heat tray - I didn't think they needed it since they had good roots already).

A week before Christmas I'd filled a couple of plastic trays with 2 kinds of lettuce seeds and put them on the germinator with low heat.  The left is Lollo Rosa and the right is a blend of mixed leaf lettuces.  (There is nothing sowed in the middle cells.)

I don't know if it's the seed (last year's purchase) or what, but I've oversowed both trays 3x now and germination continues to be very poor.  I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, while New Year's temps soared into the 50s, I thought it safe to open the cover protecting the rosemary plants outside.

Looking good here!  

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  1. I've found that lettuce seed seems to lose it's viability sooner than other veggies. I planted out the last of the seed for two different lettuces and some romaine, and some baby lettuce seed that was newer seed. Only the baby lettuce came up.

    I have some turnips of various kinds still in one raised bed, I'm leaving them there to sweeten up. Another bed has Jerusalem artichoke, which will start multiplying in the spring like gangbusters. The third bed has garlic in it. The fourth has some potato onions and some walking onions. And the fifth has asparagus. There are elderberry seed planted along the edge of the asparagus bed. The seed did not come up for me last spring and I decided it didn't get enough winter strat. So if nothing comes up, well, that's all my elderberry seed and at least it's out of my stash.

    I'll be starting my wintersowing before too much longer, and Hubs is putting up my light table this afternoon, I think, since we didn't get the greenhouse built. More about all this in Rockwhisperer when I get it written. Hugs!

  2. Well your rosemary cuttings looking in great shape. In our subtropical climate we plant carnation cuttings in this season.

  3. Ilene - I'm still oversowing the old lettuce seeds. I'm sure something will sprout eventually. I should get my act together (re: wintersowing) soon. Right now I'm trying to track down SEEDs for Mars (red), Copra (yellow) & Sterling (white) onions. I enjoying starting onions from seed in the basement.

    Hello, Muhammad khabbab. Thanks for visiting! I love carnations in bouquets, but find the plants themselves floppy and easily blown over in the gardens so I don't grow them. The blooms are quite lovely though...

  4. I thought this was my window sill for a moment - yogurt cups and all!


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