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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ahead of the game

Last year at this time I was deep into household projects, but not so much this year.  Between that and the basement upgrades, lighting and rewire, I'm spending much more time down there.  Not only am I on schedule for certain plants, but I'm jumping ahead.

(Click pics to enlarge)

Copra onion sprouts
Redwing onion sprouts
Blue globe thistle sprouts


A trip to the post office rewarded me with a delivery of not only my back ordered White Spanish Onion seeds from Pinetree, but 2 envelopes of seed trades from Ilene and Glenda. Yay.

So first thing I did was sow the white onions and Glenda's Blue Curled kale seeds and put the containers on the heat tray.

Now I have 3 colors of onions and 3 colors of kale.

All my greens (except for arugula -  need to get some seeds)  have been sown, sprouted or *gasp* being harvested!  (Way to go lettuce!)

The aforementioned lettuce is large enough to enjoy on sandwiches, while the Swiss chard is nibbled now and then just for fun.  I decided yesterday I may as well transplant the chard into its final container so as to give them more root room.  I did 2 pots of beets too.

There's plenty of room on the light tables this time of year so why not encourage all these early greens?  Besides, it's lovely in the cold dreary mornings to take my coffee downstairs and sit and enjoy all that new greeny growth and the heady fragrance of moist potting mix.

Talk about a tonic!

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  1. How very encouraging! Thank you for the hopeful post!

  2. Kris, I can't believe how much stuff you and Ilene have going.

    I haven't planted a darned thing yet.
    I am having what Mom always called 'a sinking spell' .

    How wonderful to have that nice warm space for all this.

  3. PP - keep the faith! Spring's coming.

    Glenda - I have found that starting something in January, even simple as lettuce, helps stave all the sinking spells. Watching something grow every day, and the occasional nibble is extremely therapeutic. There's just something MAGIC about a whole plant popping out of a tiny seed that reminds me that winter doesn't last and the sun will come back soon. Hang in there! *hugs*


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D