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Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue globe thistle seeds

Now that I know that the thistle seeds are viable (see older post - "Sorting Seeds") I thought I'd try something else.  The plant in the upper left corner resulted from my sowing 'naked' seeds.  But I gotta tell ya, thistle chaff (upper right corner) is pointy and not fun to handle. *ow ouch*

So this morning Igor and I started an experiment to see how well those internal (and infernal) seeds germinate when buried, spikes and all.  I liberally sprinkled some on moist potting mix, then tamped them in under another half-inch of mix.  Since I have one of the seed germinators on and there is space available, I'm putting these pots on it (waste not, want not).  I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, under the lights, it's getting pretty darn green.  The glow really suits Igor's complexion. *woohaha*

I stated in the previous post that the arugula was up in just 48 hours.  Whoa!

The white sweet Spanish didn't take long either - about 4 days.

The Copra (yellow) and Redwing (red) onion sprouts are doing well.  I had germinated these on the heat tray, but, for insurance, I'd saved out about 25% of each type of seed.  Since I've learned that onion seeds don't keep well, and since I've got a couple of nice bunch of onions sprouted, I've oversown both containers with the remaining seeds.  I'll see how much germination I'll get OFF the heat tray now.  Whatever I get (if any) will be bonus.

Oh, the white bunching onions that I sowed 4 days ago are showing first sprouts today.  Happy happy, joy joy.

Meanwhile, lettuce, Swiss chard, kale and beets are developing true (and tasty) leaves.   It's hard for Igor not to graze.  But, master.  Sooo pretty....

Down boy!

Minions.  Ya gotta watch 'em all the time!

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