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Friday, February 18, 2011

First 2011 WS bins

Well, I can't wait any longer for my order from Specialty Seeds.  It's been 18 days and they still haven't shipped anything (although their website said "usually 3-14 days). I finally made a phone call...

I had Igor drag out the box of WS bins and went to work.

NEWS FLASH (1:35 PM) Just received email from Specialty Seeds.  My order has been mailed.  Yippee.  I mean - woohaha.

I use colorful pipecleaners to make hinges for the bins and use another to secure the lid when needed.

Then I assembled the plastic inserts which divide the bin into 6 sections.
I made up 4 bins at this time which give me 24 planting nodes.

Since I don't have all my seeds yet, this morning I only planted up 2 full bins.

In "A" I planted 3 sets of doubles:
Blue globe thistle
Common foxglove
Cardinal flower

In "B" I planted 6 singles:
"Pink petite" bee balm; "Pink double delight" echinacea; Mixed double hollyhocks; Purple Joe Pye weed; "Wild red" columbine; and feverfew.

(2/19 - "C" sown: Queen of the Prairie; "Excelsior" foxglove; "Frosty skies" delphinium; common butterfly bush; tall white lily; "Golden Jubilee" agastache)

Then Igor insisted I bundle up for the weather and wrapped me up in a thick cloak complete with earmuffs and patented mad-scientist mittens.  Protected from winter's wrath, I set up a bench out on the deck for the bins.  The cold sun was shining so, fumbling from the mittens, I propped open the lids for air circulation using clip-on clothespins. This'll prevent any chance (ha!) of overheating the seeds.

Now let the frigid *pant* temps, blowing snow, glittering ice *pant* do their worst!  This is wintersowing, after all  -- it laughs at the blizzard and the storm.  Hahahahahahah... ha... ha ... uh...

58 degrees?    *pant* 


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  1. You are so organized; those containers look very good and uniform.

    Igor must be great help!

  2. Oh Igor. He's such a mixed blessing. LOL Yes, I like these 2.5 gal water jugs for WSing. Not only are they uniform, but stackable. This is their 3rd season and going strong.

  3. Too cool! And so organized. Hope you get your seeds soon. I don't think those seed houses know what Wintersowing is. They need to keep up!

  4. Ilene - thanks. Sure tidied up that shelf area. I'm sure you're correct about WS. Wintersowing isn't well widespread. But aside from that, the website said 3-8 days and that was what hacked me off - and that it took 2 calls to get them moving on the order. Ah well. If the seeds are good I'm sure I'll be buying from them again, though. Their selection is just short of outstanding!

  5. Hi Melissa!
    Woohoo, I found another winter sower!! I am crazy about winter sowing. I too love the containers that are durable enough to reuse. So what kind of containers are those? Water jugs you say? Are those the large jugs of water you get at the grocery store, or did you get those somewhere special? Also, what do you use for dividers? Nice work!

    I am winter sowing like crazy right now too, so far I've sown 16 containers, but I have tons more to come (and my containers aren't as big as yours). Lots of pictures on my blog. I love getting ideas from other gardeners!


  6. Hi Amy. (I'm Kris. Melissa Majora is the name of my house & gardens.) Glad you're enjoying wintersowing. If you go to the top of this blog you'll find labels for lots of WS posts. Check the WS containers to read about the large water jugs. For more posts about the gardens, go to the main page. From there you can visit other of my page blogs. Stay snug. Bet you've got even more snow than I do!

  7. Hi Kris (sorry, I was confused about the name). I will check out your other posts to read about the containers. We got almost 20" in just over 24 hours. Just after we had a warm spell and the snow was starting to melt too. :-( I'm sure we'll get lots more before April!



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