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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greens - and a mystery

KALE plants
As winter draaaags on I'm spending lots of time in the basement where it's bright and dry.

ARUGULA sprouts
As a result I'm waaay ahead on my greens this year.  When I'm down or stressed and find myself staring into the refridgerator, I make myself go downstairs instead.

Then I sow something. LOL 

BEETS - Chicago Red
BEETS - Early Wonder & Bulls Blood
The beets were doing well and I could have let them be, but then I found a pack on a rack showing deep burgundy leaves and had to have it.  On the same day I received some Early Wonder beets in the mail from Glenda.  So there ya go.  2 more beet varieties to compare.

The Swiss chard (Fordhook) is really filling in and I'm picking not just a few leaves every couple of days.  It's so sweet and buttery soft and an excellent exchange for spinach.

The 4 varieties of onions are coming right along.



When I received my order from Specialty Perennials, the packets were bundled up in a plastic ziplock sleeve.  After I slid out the packets I saw that there were 3 seeds inside the sleeve.  Hmmmm.  From my packs?  Probably not - they were all sealed tightly.  Ah!  Mystery seeds from the warehouse.  

"Igor!  Come quickly.  And bring some potting mix.  Let's just see what kind of animal we've got here."

Full germinator

I potted them up and put them in the germinator (2nd to last on bottom right - just below the well-sprouted thistle seeds that were sown with all their chaff).   

What wondrous or bizarre treat is in store?  There's nothing more interesting than the unknown.  And who doesn't love a mystery!

Time for a signature woohaha!  Stay tuned.
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  1. Just lacka bawxa choklits!

    Let us know what you git! Heh!

  2. The seedlings are looking great.

    Question: Will you be transplanting the beets into the garden...and have you done that before?

    I grew Bull's Blood one year and almost bought seeds this year to use as an edging for the flower beds. It is a beautiful dark, dark winey red.

  3. Ilene - I'll keep ya posted.

    Glenda - I've never grown beets before. I'll be putting them all in a container (like the chard and lettuce) to raise for greens. I was forced to eat beets as a child and want nothing to do with the roots!


Looking forward to hearing from you. :-D