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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seeds storage surprise!

For the past couple of years I've let my seeds run loose on the shelf under the basement stairs.

It's easy access, no doubt, but it sure takes up a lot of real estate.  But now that I've had the basement rewiring done, I want to put that shelf to better use.

So today I took myself off to WM to have a look-see down the storage aisle.

I aimed to find an inexpensive 3-drawer plastic cabinet with wheels that I could roll under the shelf.

Well, I did find such a beast with 3 deep drawers for jars and yogurt cups, but I didn't respond well to the price.  Besides, I had also come to the conclusion I would like to have some shallow drawers for seed packets and envelopes.

But my budget was tight so decided to postpone the purchase.

Then I found this lonely beauty - 3 deep drawers on the bottom and 4 shallow on top.  I knew it wouldn't slide under the shelf, but hey, I'm flexible.  There'd be plenty of space next to the desk for it.  I knew right off it wasn't priced for it's size (the low price listed on the shelf couldn't be correct!), so I hunted up a clerk. She came and lasered it and  $whoa!  Then she looked at the shelf tags, lasered some other drawers and said the tags didn't match the other stuff either.  I thanked her, said it was too much and started to move on.

"You can have it for the tag price (only half the actual) if you want it.  These shelves are a mess back here," she sighed.

Shocked hesitation, then,  "Well...sure!" I said and she put it into my cart for me.   (I could tell she wasn't happy with the mess in that department.  Someone's lunch break wasn't going to go very well...)

Later, back home, it took no time at all before I'd cleaned off the shelf and put everything into the drawers.

Now that's not to say that there's any real order yet.  I'm going to have to get some envelopes or plastic mini-zip bags to bring more organization to the party.  But for now all my seeds (saved, traded or bought) are off the shelf and in a drawer.

I marveled at the expanse of that vast shelf space and savored the emptiness of it -- for almost 20 minutes.

Then I couldn't resist.  I transplanted the lettuce into a larger bin, hung up a light and put the shelf to work.


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  1. I still haven't come up with a good storage idea for all my seeds.....maybe I need to take a look at those

  2. I figured I just HAD to do something for storage. It seemed easier to have drawers than a bunch of plastic containers that would still need to be stacked or something. This way everything is very accessible. And boy, the price sure was right. What luck! :-D


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