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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Specialty Perennial seed order arrives

After digging out of 12" of new snow to get to the post office, I was rewarded to FINALLY get my order from Specialty Perennials in Minnesota.

I really am trying to like this supplier, though it's been a little rough with this initial order.  Like I posted before, they didn't send the seeds until I'd called them 18 days after they received the order.  It took a 2nd call to actually get the seeds into the mail. (In retrospect I guess I could have cut them a little more slack, but this long cold snowy winter is starting to get to me.)

So the first thing I thought when I pulled the packet out of the post office box what that it was too small to be a complete order.  But when I got home my chagrin turned to pleasure to see the economy of packaging they use.  All the seeds are in waxed paper packets and folded to accommodate the size of each instruction label.  (I flipped one over so you can see seeds.)  They also enclosed a planting tip sheet.  Okay, now I was feeling good, in spite of the slow order processing.

Then, when I pulled in this pic for this post, suddenly something didn't jibe.  Waaaaait.  I see 10 packs.  I ordered 11 packs!  Aw heck.  And they charged my card for the missing pack.

So I called them again and the gentleman (sounding kinda vague) said "Hmmm, I don't know why that happened.  So do you want a credit or what?"  I told him I wanted the seeds. I hope to get an email from him (or someone) today about the mixup.  *sigh*

If this place didn't have such an outstanding selection of perennial seeds, I might have gone cranky on him.  But I'm pretty sure that unless there are flames or blood is drawn, I'll more than likely order seeds from them in the future, their selection (also prices & low shipping) are just that good!

But it shouldn't be this HARD. I'm losing the edge off of my seed excitement. *wah*

UPDATE - later:

Just received an email from Paul (owner?) saying he remembered pulling my pack of asters but it must've gotten included in someone else's order.  So he's not only sending me the asters I ordered, but another variety for the trouble.  Well, that was unexpected -- and has gone a looong way to soothing my ruffled feathers! :-D A little kindness like that has put the woo back in my woohaha

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  1. Hi Kris, I don't think you're at all out of line in being peeved by this supplier. A successful business is run differently. But maybe the success of the seeds you finally received will make it worth it. How intriguing that the company should be in Minnesota of all places - where I'm from. Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding the tattoo place. I think one of the other commenters was right that they're just fishing for clicks, so I'm going to ignore them. You have interesting blogs. I'm doing serious propagation myself this year, so will be following. Barbara

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for dropping in. I'm sure that I could have been a little more patient as I'm sure they're pretty busy this time of year. Next time I order I'll allow for a longer delivery. The Pinetree veg seeds arrived so quickly I guess I expected the same response from Specialty.

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog and seeing how your propagation goes this season. :-D


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