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Friday, February 4, 2011

Table talk

Since I had the basement rewired (posts on Household Adventures page), something else besides new lighting and outlets needed to be addressed.  That is - work tables.

Before I would always have to clear space on the plant benches under the lights so I could pot things up.  But recently I've been scoring at the ReStore place.

Whenever I go there now, I check out their selection of used card tables.
Six months ago I didn't have any.

Now I have 4 - 3 down in the basement and 1 upstairs.

I find these are WAY more convenient than anything else I've used before (planks across sawhorses, expensive poly work tables, etc.)

Card tables are lightweight, easy to move around and a breeze to fold up and store.  And since I never pay more than $4-6 apiece, if they get wet, banged up or stained, it's not a big deal.

A real bonus will be this coming Fall when my mom's neighborhood holds its biannual garage sale.  These guys slide right into my hatchback.  

Until then they will be very busy down in the lab and then up on the deck when I start setting out plants .

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