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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Faith and begora

Today there is something bright and warm high in the sky, a sky that has, incredulously, turned a deep blue.  Both have been missing for uncounted weeks!

I had to prop open all my WS containers so keep them cool.

I use clothespins, clipping them to the bottom and resting the top in the V of the pin.

No sprouts yet, but that's not surprising.  April would be more appropriate for any WS action.

Meanwhile, back in the basement, I'm still having trouble sprouting the roselle seeds I received in trade.

I've tried cool conditions, warm conditions, light and dark too.

Yesterday, as a last resort, I decided to try the coffee filter method. I dampened the filter and sprinkled on the LAST of my seeds.

Then I folded it up and wrapped the filter in plastic and tucked it into a container.  I figured a little heat wouldn't hurt so I set the container on top of a shoplight.  The heat there is not as warm as in the germinator and I'm hoping something will sprout.

Otherwise I may have to *gasp* BUY some seeds.

And, truth to tell, I've so blown my seed budget this year that there should probably be some kind of investigation.  There's absolutely no accountability here! ;-D

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  1. Kris, I'm so sorry your Roselle isn't germinating! And here I thought I was picking out the best-looking seeds from the bunch for you. I'll make it up to you for this, I promise!

  2. I have now planted broccoli two different times and got zero germination! I( think I will try the wet paper towel routine before I pitch them.

    I just planted a flat of peppers and egg plant...I sure hope they germinate.

    If not, that might mean my entire stash should be pitched!

    Dare I say it got 80°here yesterday.

  3. Ilene - please don't fret - these things happen. Most likely some of the seeds I sent you (notably the QotP) won't germinate for either of us. I'm not giving up. :-D

    Glenda - 80F? In March. Waaay too hot for this time of year (at least up here). I sure wouldn't want to go from snow to swelter so quickly. Last summer was far too hot and dry for me. I'm hoping for something a little more temperate this year...


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