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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GUL update 3/23

The weather outside is spotty at best this time of year, but I can always count on clement weather downstairs.  I checked things out this morning and gave everything a drink of weak sea-rich fertilizer.  Things are looking good.

I'm all set in the pepper department now.  Even the replacement Big Dipper (and Ruby Bell) have sprouted and doing well.  Here's the starting lineup for peppers this season:

Big Dipper (sweet bell)
Sweet Ruby (hybrid - sweet bell)
Unknown yellow bell (from grocery - 100% germination!)
Anaheim (med-hot)
Hungarian wax (hot)
Lemon drop (ouch!)

Since the grocery yellow bell sprouted so well, I'm going to pick up an orange pepper next time I see one and sprout that!  I figure it's 50-50 both (yellow and orange) would be hybrids, but it's fun to see what happens.

Other seedlings on this tray - lettuce (Asian red - looks pretty much green at this stage), salvias (white & coral nymph), crazy daisy, pink nepeta, and Black prince butterfly bush (seed saved from Mom's plant). There's also an unsprouted cell of roselle.

Under the next set of lights.  In the back are the 4 kinds of onions, the rosemary cuttings (well rooted and growing), and 2 'kong' variety coleus cuttings from last year (about ready to pot out).  In the front row:  4 pots of (assumed no-gos) various flower seeds, 2 6-packs of mixed columbines and lupines, Black seeded simpson lettuces for Mom, and (in the germinator), Yvonne's salvias, Opal basil, Mammoth green basil, 2 packs of larkspur/annual delphinium, a cell of no-go parsley and a cell of unsprouted roselle.

On top of the light fixture is a moist filter of the last of the roselle seeds.  No action there.

On April first I'll put the tomato seeds into the germinator.  I'm really cutting back this year to avoid the gluts I got the last 2 years.  I just don't need all that red stuff piling up in the kitchen! LOL

Finally, the greens.  Oh those glorious greens.  Next week the nighttime temps are forecasted for above freezing so I'm going to move these out from the basement and into the sunroom then.  Meanwhile - they are doing great.

I'm going to need more salad dressing! ;-D

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  1. All are looking good!

    I will post a picture of my things shortly. My Asian Red now is.

  2. Glenda - I don't think I've ever grown a 'red' lettuce that starts off red.

    FYI - the Wonder beets you sent me are such fast growers that even though they sprouted a couple weeks after the Chicago red, they are both about the same size now. Thanks for the seeds!


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