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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've been baa-ad

As you can read on the main page, horrible persistent weather drives me to hide inside, mostly in the basement.

With the big storm coming tonight, I went a little berserk at WM and picked up stuff I shouldn't have.

Like more seeds!  Good grief!  But the top 3 packs were only $.20/ea.  How could that be a no-no?  And my Big Dipper pepper seeds didn't sprout so I needed to replace them, right?  And could anyone pass up that new hybrid bell right next to it?  

And I'm entirely justified in buying 2 kinds of bush cukes.  Mom wanted bush cukes and previously the only one I could find was Picklebush - with little 4-5" fruits.  Both of these new ones are 7" & 11" fruits on small plants.  Obviously we're going to have to try all 3 this year.  The lupines?  Okay - shoot me.  I like lupines.

I jokingly remarked in my last post that I should get more lights - maybe next season.  But I found myself in the lights department and there were these fixtures sending out such good and soothing vibes that I invited them to ride around in my cart.  

Less than an hour after bringing them home - tada!

Now that's a salad bar!  Easy pickin's.  :-D

Sometimes it's so good to be bad....

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1 comment:

  1. Well done! I bet you have room for more.................

    I haven't been in Wal Mart for a while....I would succumb to the cheap seeds too.

    I wish I could get Ca. poppies to flourish in the Ozarks, but can't. Lupines won't either.

    You may have to make pickles this summer!


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