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Monday, March 7, 2011

More planting up + sorting seeds

The new beet sprouts (Early Wonder & Bulls Blood) have true leaves now so figured I should put them in their final bin along with the Chicago Reds that I've been nibbling on for the past 7-10 days.

I thought long and hard as to how deep I should make the soil and decided, since I'm only growing for greens, not beetroot, that I'd put them in 4-5" of soil, like lettuces.  My rational is that I'll be keeping the greens picked so the roots shouldn't have much choice but to stay small.

And here we go.  Under the lights with all of the other greens in the basement.  They look a little shell-shocked right now, but I've no doubt that they'll get their feet back under them soon.  Hardest part will be to NOT nibble until they do!  LOL

Since winter persists (3+ months now of non-stop, in-your-face, full-front cold, snow and ice) I find lots of time to hang out in the basement.  Lately I've started actually organizing my seeds (and putting the new set of container drawers I bought a couple of weeks ago to use).  The hardest part was to decide how to sort them.  I started with the vegetables because they could be sort of categorized.  I also had a lot of peanut butter jars just looking for a project and this was just the ticket!

And, for those categorizes that have large seeds or tons of types, I used my 32oz yogurt cups.  I just put all the packs into the jars and lid them up.  I also toss in those little desiccant packs you get in some Rx bottles or come with some electronic purchases.  Helps keep loose seeds from moldering.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

I started on the flower seeds, primarily those that I've saved from my own plants.  Since I tend to save by the handful, I used the PB jars here too for bulk storage.

I still have to sort through my flower seed packs from racks or trades.  I'll have to think how to categorize them.  Nothing simple immediately springs to mind.  Any suggestions?

One thing I DO know is:  I'll never get it done if I keep bringing home new stuff.  Dang!
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  1. Great job with the seeds.

    I think the glass jars with lids is a good idea.

    I just had mine in paper and plastic baggies....and now the broccoli is not germinating....I think I better test the rest of the seeds soon so I won't loose a lot of time.

    I did have the tomatoes in an airtight container so they should be good.

    No ideas for the rest of the seeds....I need to be copying your ideas!

  2. Thanks, Glenda. I think the glass jars will keep the seeds fresher than a baggie. Since these jars are stored in the bottom (tall) drawers, labeling the tops is already working out great.

    I'm seeing that seed trading will also be a lot easier in the future because I can actually FIND stuff! I'll let you know if I figure out something clever for the flowers packs...


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