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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pepper sprouts

On March 1st I sowed my peppers in one of the small germinators.  All but the Big Dipper sweet bells were up within 6-8 days, but the BD's never did.  I guess the seeds in the pack were too old.  I kicked myself for not remembering to save seeds from last year's crop!  After all, they're an OP variety and stay true. *kick* *kick*

What did sprout were:
(hot) Lemon drop
(hot) Hungarian wax
(hot) Anaheim
(sweet) a yellow bell (seeds collected from a grocery store pepper)

There are other sprouts in this pic - namely some lettuces (Black seeded Simpson & Red Asiatic), pink nepeta, crazy daisy, some salvias (white & coral nymph) and Black Prince butterfly bush.

Today I re-sowed Big Dippers from the new pack along with the Sweet Ruby red bell I'd also picked up yesterday.  I also sowed the mixed columbines & lupines.  I'm sure keeping the germinators busy!  I could have wintersowed these last two, but really and truly, winter and I are no longer on speaking terms...!   I also resowed some roselle seeds I got in trade.  I'm trying a couple of ways (heat, no heat, light, darkness, etc.) to get these to germinate.  So far, no luck.  I'd love to be able to make my own deep red hibiscus tea this year.

Winter and I have grown so far apart that two days ago (during a lull from stuff falling from the sky) I went out and pulled up a dozen lavender plants I'd overwintered in 2 large pots in the veg bed.  They had looked so ratty last time I'd seen them I decided to bring them in under the lights and get them going.

You know I'm going a little crazy (curse you, winter!) when I feel bad for outside plants and bring them in!

I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to have to do ALL my gardening in the basement this season?  Good grief!

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  1. I need to get some pepper, tomato, and flower seeds planted soon. Last March we had our kitchen remodeled, and I didn't start any inside.

  2. The weather has been erratic to say the least, especially for you!

    The light plants are looking very good. I found the fish emulsion and have watered twice now. The smell is awful. I see now it is advertised as odorless....not mine!

  3. Sue - sounds to me like a good opportunity for wintersowing. You must be enjoying your kitchen remod, especially this past winter. Lots of good comfort food I'm sure. :-D

    Glenda - Yes, it's been kinda bad this year what with everything cold being thrown at us. As for the lights, I know I know, they weren't on my budget this year and those greens are probably turning out to be pretty expensive in the food department. On the other hand they're darn CHEAP in the therapy department. ;-D

  4. Everything is looking so good in your la-BOR-atory! (Bwa-ha-haaaaa...)

    It's turned cold here again and we had some more rain. That's a good thing. Other parts of our state have been on "burn ban". Of course we're a little soggy and it interferes with the tree-planting efforts. But my peas are up.

    Your post reminded me that I forgot to close the flaps of my WS containers and I have baby plants! I dont think it got down below freezing last night, but close. I'll slip out there now and huddle them all together again.


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