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Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 tomato sprouts

The tomato seed I sowed on 4/6 have gotten big enough in the little cells that it was time to pot them into party cups.  Yay!  Party! :-D

I have 29 plants here (with 2 more sprouts that have only just popped up), so 31 plants TOTAL this year.

These are for myself, my Mom and my friends Lauree and Doug.

I'm keeping ONLY 12 plants for myself this year.  I'm not going to swamp myself with fruit for a 3rd year in a row.  PROMISE.

What's made MY cut this year?

Nothing new or fancy - just some old reliables:

Bradley (canner)
Old Brooks (canner)
JetSonic (early slicer)
Djena Lee (Tot Tom's 2011 freebie)
Rose Quartz (snacker)
Mtg Lifter (Radiator Charlie)
Bush Goliath

I will also pick up a 4-cell pack of San Marzano if I can find them, else Roma. (Okay, so a total of 16 plants for me - call the cops! :-P )

Other varieties NOT grown for me are SuperSonics (Mom) & Early Ssubakus (Mom & Lauree).  The Bush Goliath & Mtg Lifters were sprouted for Mom, but I decided to keep one of each - because I CAN!  Woohaha.

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