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Friday, April 8, 2011

First 2011 WS sprouts!!

Look look.  In spite of the persistent "I-just-can't-let-go" winter, the WS containers on the deck have surprised me with sprouts!!

On the left are "Frosty Skies" (how appropriate) annual delphinium (saved from last year).

On the right are the incredibly prolific "Golden Jubilee" agastache (also my own saved seeds).

I'll be using the agastache to help fill in the bee ring garden.  Between the Golden Jubilee, the 'plain' lavender agastache and (hopefully) the "Mixed color" agastache seeds I got from a seed company that no longer deserves mention in these posts (Specialty Seeds - worst customer service ever!), the bees should find lots of meat-n-potatoes forage back there this season (should it ever actually arrive!).  That bed is very dry and agastaches are pretty drought tolerant so the bees and the gardener should be happy this year.

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