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Saturday, April 30, 2011

From out of the depths...

I've gotten so that I loath working in the basement anymore.  It's been 5 months down there in the dungeon and I'm calling it quits.  95% of the GUL plants were moved up to the sunroom today.

On the window ledge are butterfly bush, columbine, lupine, arugula, California poppies, English lavender, crazy daisy & rosemary.

On the table are tomatoes, peppers, roselle, salvia, dame's rocket, chard, opal basil, annual delphinium and more arugula.

The coffee table I'd bought for the deck last year spent the winter tucked in the corner of the sunroom.  Now it's being put to good use.  Here are pink nepeta, blue globe thistle, coleus and a pot of mammoth green basil.

Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, there are only 2 lights burning now.

These pepper plants are extras, and I'm not ready to compost them yet.  (eeek).  In the germinator are dwarf French marigolds (Bolero - a fresh pack, my saved seeds were no good) are starting to sprout.  Also a new pack (Zins - Cut'n'Come again) sprouted several days ago (again, my saved seeds were duds).  Along with some recent mixed coleus sprouts and some more Dame's rocket, I'm letting them bulk up under the bright lights before moving them up to the big city.

Honestly, 5 months is toooo long to work in the basement. It's just plain depressing anymore. I should have been out of there at the end of March, but Winter just would not quit.  Actually, it's not like there's much of a Spring going on out there yet! *fume*  

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  1. I really enjoy your blog posts and images! I understand the dungeon feeling as I've been up and down potting up and hardening off for the first time of GUL. Wish I had a sunroom. I'm thinking of moving the few annuals I have out under a row cover and calling it a day! I'm going to let the tomatoes and basil enjoy the dungeon for awhile more in our zone. Regards, Michele

  2. Hi Michele, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoy the pics, etc. I'm keeping the 'soft' stuff inside yet. Even this morning the birdbath is frozen so I'm not trusting tender plants, even under a cover, outside yet. I will, however, be setting up a table with hoops and a cover to get the GUL perennials into the weather. They can take a little more punishment. The vegs and annuals will huddle in the sunroom until past the 18th (last frost?). Good luck with yours. :-D


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