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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Plant lab updates

Sorry this pic turned out so grainy, but I wasn't going to go downstairs and try again for this post.

I got an email from the local ReStore warehouse that everything was 40% off until 11:00 am today so I hightailed over there to see what cast-off treasures I could find.

I was hoping to find a heavy-duty card table, but there were none to be found so I wandered around elsewhere.  When I was about to check out with my other purchases (check out the garden projects page), here was this card table propped up next to the counter!  Very heavy duty.  Unclaimed.  SCORE!  When I got it home and set it up, I was delighted to see it (left) was the same height as the current table (right) so the two look great together.  Now not only do I have room for all 5 greens bins, but extra workspace on the end where I can set a bowl down when I harvest.   Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Previously this corner of the plant lab had lain fallow due to the pile of cedar planks.  By straddling the pile with card tables I've finally put this prime real estate to good use.  :-D

Meanwhile, in the germinator under the stairs, something's happening.  Shhhhhh.  Let's tiptoe over there and check it out.  Quiet now.  We don't want to jinx anything.

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  1. I will see what I can do about you and the spirea!

  2. Thanks, Glenda. I'd be happy to get some Mellow Yellow spirea to you if you'd like. The flowers are white, but the foliage is threadlike and chartreuse, almost yellow in spring.

  3. You can never have enough table space, that's for sure. On your last post: good for you for resisting planting your tomatoes too early. I'm afraid I shot the gun. Mine are already big enough to put out and I'm going to have to wait till May. Wow you have a lot of peppers.

  4. Hi Barbara. I've really lucked in on finding these used card tables. They do the job for these sprouting months, then fold away for the rest of the year.

    LOL before last year, I started peppers and tomatoes on March 1. But the 2009 tomatoes got so big I had to chop them all down. So now I start them in April and set out smaller plants.

    I have lots of peppers. I start for me and mom and a friend. Can't have anyone go pepperless! Hope your plants are doing well too. :-D


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