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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rooting for my cuttings

This spring is uphill all the way.  The persistent cold, the high winds, the gloom and rain have kept customers from local nurseries in droves.  Heck, even though I drive by 2 of them consistently, I had no desire to get out of the car and browse in the nasty weather.

But the other day, I did.  I was looking for an Hakuro Nishiki willow, having lusted after them online for weeks.  (Online a 6" cutting were going for $3-4 APIECE! Good grief!)

The nursery had some nice plants. But oh!  The prices!  I hemmed and hawed only a moment when the associate immediately offered me 10% off.  Wow.  So quickly to discount!  Well sure, they had all this stock and no customers!  So I counter-offered.  She didn't hesitate and voila.  I have a lovely accent shrub.  AND -- as many cuttings as I care to play with.  This is one instance where buying the COW will/maybe/hopefully pay off in the long run.

First thing I did was trim the plant to shape and pot up 10 cuttings.  They are out on the deck with the greens bins.  Willows love water and it hasn't stopped raining (or just being 'wet' outside) for days.

Well, since I was in the mood and I had a new pouch of rooting hormone just aching to be used, I grabbed my rain gear and harvested some other shrubs for cuttings:  double file viburnum, wine & roses wigelia, mellow yellow spirea and red-twigged dogwood.

My friend Dave gave me a slew of plastic containers that originally held chocolate biscotti.  They make perfect hot caps!

I've decided not to put these cuttings on the heat tray like previous cuttings (which, except for fuschia and potentilla didn't fare well at all).  We'll see how it goes. 

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